Di Nardo Lab


The Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Cardiology (LCMC) of the University of Rome Tor Vergata was established in 1989 by Dr. Di Nardo with the aim of contributing to improve the knowledge and to develop novel treatments for cardiac muscle (myocardium) diseases. Initially, the focus was on the molecular aspects of the heart pathophysiology. In 1994 the LCMC organized an International Workshop entitled “Cardiac Growth and Regeneration”, in which, for the first time, the possibility of regenerating the heart by implanting healthy cells was thoroughly discussed by more than 150 scientists from the major international research institutions. Since then, LCMC has been committed to develop novel solutions to cure myocardial diseases by the extensive application of the stem cell and tissue engineering technology. To this purpose, LCMC has established an international network of multidisciplinary scientists (doctors, biologists, engineers, material scientists, mathematicians, etc.) devoted to decipher the mechanisms governing cardiomyocyte differentiation and interaction with properly designed inert materials, and to invent novel procedures to fabricate engineered cardiac tissue.

Photo by Felicia Carotenuto

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